Refrigerante R32 amigo do ambiente

Sendo - Ψυκτικό υγρό R32

R32 Refrigerant

More eco-friendly
The global warming coefficient of the refrigerant R32 is equal to 1/3 of the R410A. Compared to the traditional R410A, the R32 is more environmentally friendly. It is a one-component refrigerant and is thus easier to manage and recycle.

Higher efficiency
Under the same conditions and operating frequency of the compressor, R32’s cooling efficiency and energy efficiency is about 5% higher than R410A’s. Therefore, R32 products are more energy efficient.

Smaller filling volume

Compared to R410A and R22, refrigerant R32 requires a smaller filling volume.

The F-Gas European regulation (517/2014) has been in force since 1st January 2015 and will progressively cease the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in future cooling and heating systems. Sendo already offers a new cooling and heating system that operates with R32 refrigerant, which will be the alternative to the R410A in the coming years.


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