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Power (BTU/h)

One of the main features that you need to consider before buying an air conditioner is its Power. In short, the appropriate performance (either in Kw/h or in BTU/h) according to the space you wish to cover. Ideally, we encourage you to consult us on the right choice of the right power that covers your space. For example, we present the Table of correlation of the surface of a space with the power of the air conditioner unit.

9 – 13 m2
7,000 BTU

25 – 30 m2
14,000 BTU

40 – 45 m2
20,000 BTU

13 – 18 m2
9,000 BTU

30 – 35 m2
16,000 BTU

45 – 55 m2
22,000 BTU

18 – 25 m2
12,000 BTU

35 – 40 m2
18,000 BTU

55 – 65 m2
24,000 BTU

Inverter or Conventional (on/off)

Inverter technology is a new technology, in which the air conditioner operates at different rates depending on the conditions in space. That is, at the beginning of its operation it operates at maximum rate until it reaches the desired temperature that we have set. Then, it works scarcely and continuously, maintaining the temperature levels very close to the ones you selected. So with air conditioners incorporating Inverter technology:

You save
on energy

Noise levels
are reduced

Stable temperature
throughout their operation

Energy label

The purpose of energy labeling is to enable consumers to take into account the energy parameter in the final selection of the electrical appliance, providing them with information on the energy consumption of the particular electrical appliance.

The energy efficiency of an electric home appliance is evaluated with the help of energy efficiency classes.

These classes range from A+++ to D or from A to G. As A+++ (or A) is characterized as the most energy efficient device and as D (or G) the least energy efficient device.

Energy labels also provide other useful information, such as the order of functionality of the devices, so that the consumer can compare and choose between products.

Ενεργειακή Ετικέτα

Energy class Α, Α+, Α++

According to European Union directives, the SEER and SCOP coefficients inform the consumer about the energy consumption levels of an air conditioning unit during cooling (SEER) and heating (SCOP) operation respectively.

Ενεργειακή κλάση

Noise Levels

One of the most important features of the air conditioner selection is the noise levels mainly of the indoor unit, so that you have a comfortable environment even in conditions of absolute tranquility.


For the freshest air in your area, many air conditioners, in addition to the existing filters, also have an ionizer, that is, an extra filter that works as follows: Oxygen atoms come into contact with a high voltage electrical circuit. Negative ions combine with airborne particles (dust, aromas, smoke, pollen, bacteria) and charge them electrostatically. Therefore, the dust, rather than “freely” circulating, adheres and cleans the atmosphere of the space.

BTU Calculation

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